Hospital Bag Packing List AFTER

As promised in my original post - While Waiting For Baby - Hospital Bag What to Pack BEFORE
I now have the "AFTER" version that includes tips on what we used, what we didn't, and what we wished we had packed.



  • ID/Driver's License
  • Insurance Cards
  • Hospital Preregistration Paperwork (if any)
  • Birth Plan
  • Cell Phone & Charger
  • Hair Dryer & Straightener
  • Make-up Bag
  • Pillows from home
  • Boppy Nursing Pillow (I made the slipcover myself using the pattern from Vanilla Joy HERE) This was a life-saver! I couldn't have breast fed without it. If you plan on nursing this is a MUST!
  • Hospital Gown (View my tutorial and link to FREE pattern by Lazy Girl HERE)
  • Nursing Bra/Tanks
  • Nursing Pads & Nipple Cream The hospital will provide what you need. Just be sure to ASK for it. I didn't get anything unless I complained of pain. If you're breastfeeding ask for HYDROGELS! They're amazing for nipple pain! 
  • Breast Pump (I'm leaving mine at home because the hospital has them if you need it. But some people prefer to use their own or have the lactation specialist teach them on theirs)
  • Comfy Cotton Undies (I know they supply mesh undies, but I like to be prepared) The mesh undies the hospital provides are a God send... wear them! I even took some home! :)
  • Slippers/Socks/Flip Flops (That you don't mind getting ruined. I packed flip-flops for the shower)
  • Robe (optional- I didn't pack this since I'll be delivering in the heat of SUMMER.)
  • Towels/Washcloths from home (one of the mommy bloggers suggested this!) This was nice to have! That first shower was amazing!
  • 2-3 sets of comfortable PJs for Mom (I packed a comfy night gown and a t-shirt/pj pants set)
  • Going home outfit (I plan on wearing home whatever I wore there. Probably a comfortable dress and flat sandals - it's been my pregnancy uniform!)
  • Camera & Charger
  • Pen & Paper
  • Lip Balm/Chapstick
  • Toiletries
    • Travel Sized toothbrush/toothpaste, hairbrush, hair ties, deodorant, face wash, eye-makeup remover, razor, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, etc. (I KNOW the hospital provides a lot of this, but again - I might like to have my own!)
    • Sanitary Pads (again with having my own) :)
    • Dermoplast Spray (I've heard this stuff is HEAVEN. More for afterwards, once I'm home, But I wanted to go ahead and have it!)
    • Witch Hazel pads & ointment (Hospital should provide these, but I'll have my own for once I'm home!)
  • IPod, IPad, Laptop, books, magazines, etc. (To keep you occupied if you need it! I'm contemplating bringing the laptop. We'll see...) I was so occupied with contractions that I didn't use any of this. The only electronic I used was my IPhone, which I was glad to have! 
  • Contact List (VIPs to call once baby arrives. I'll just call/txt my VIPs from my phone's contact list) B and I just went through our phone's contact list and called or texted important people! The rest got the news via Facebook!

  • Vera Bradley Diaper Bag (Thanks Gigi! Roomy enough for baby's things, plus room to pack away all those freebies you get from the hospital - at least my mommy friends have told me to STOCK up on anything they'll give you! AND don't be afraid to ASK - your insurance is paying for it, right!?)
    • 2-3 Going home outfits for baby (I'm indecisive, okay!) In NEWBORN size! I would suggest packing more than this! I would say 5-6 outfits (gowns/sleepers). My hospital provided a "shirt" that was little more than a dryer sheet. I was a little disappointed in that one. I had to have a friend bring newborn clothes from home.
      • Gowns/Onesies
      • Hats, mittens, socks (because I've heard the nurses will give you dirty looks if you don't!) :)
      • Hair accessories (Would you expect anything less?? If you're having a BOY, he may appreciate you leaving these at home!) ;)
      • Pacifier (Just in case! I like the NUK orthodontic ones - lets hope Baby B does too!)
    • Minky Baby Blanket (See my tutorial for making your own HERE)
    • Diapers & Wipes (Just a FEW - since thanks to Gigi, my diaper bag came stocked!)
    • Newborn Safety Kit (I know I probably WON'T need this, but just in case we need to clip baby's nails - like some of the mommy bloggers have said, we're prepared!)
  • CAR SEAT - you can't leave the hospital without one of these! :) Make sure the base is installed properly. I did this ahead of time in a nesting fit!


  • Pajamas (pj pants, t-shirts, socks)
  • 2-3 Daytime outfits (t-shirts, jeans, boxers, socks, shoes, etc.)
  • Toiletries (Deodorant, toothbrush, etc.)
  • Make SURE I have everything above! (Purse with ID, Insurance cards, cell phone and charger. Grab blow dryer, straightener and make-up bag!)
  • $$ - Change for vending machines The hospital suite we were in had room service with a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. Between that and food and snacks friends and family brought - we were set. We never even had to leave our room. It was very nice!
  • Drinks/Snacks (Some lists suggest packing a cooler with snacks, but our hospital has a nice vending area that's always open. And let's face it - it's 2012... practically everywhere delivers! And if we're REALLY hungry/thirsty, I'm sure one of our nice family members will oblige!)  

Overall I felt pretty prepared with what I had packed and used almost everything I anticipated I would. The main thing I wish I had brought more of were baby clothes. Most lists and blogs I read said to bring a going home outfit for baby and maybe one for pictures. So that's what I did. I had no idea I was expected to clothe her for the entire time we were there... oops! And we bought a lot of 0-3 month clothes - not expecting her to be so tiny I guess. So Gigi went shopping and bought all of the Newborn clothes she could find from Carter's and Gymboree! (Thanks Gigi) :)

Another side note. B and I felt pretty lost at the hospital. If we didn't ask for something or ask questions... we were totally in the dark. There were instructional videos on postpartum care and infant care to watch - and no one told us to watch them until we were ready for discharge... They would have helped tremendously. And since I had her on a Saturday, lactation wasn't there and I felt like I was in the dark regarding nursing. My ony saving grace was my night nurse- the one who brought me an amazing hospital grade pump and the soothing hydrogels. Also, the pen and paper come in handy - or at least having another person with you to digest all of the information nurses give you while you're there. Most of the time they talk to you when you're trying to feed, and as if your mind isn't already mush - you're trying to get the hang of feeding a baby!

Nevertheless, we feel very blessed to have gotten to deliver at such a nice facility and are very thankful to all of the nurses and doctors that helped us along the way!


  1. I noticed you crossed off slippers/flip-flops, what did you use instead?

    Also not all hospitals provide wipes. They have these dry wipes that you are supposed to wet with water--but not very efficient on meconium.

    The hospital where my son was born just had the babies wear the kimono undershirts for their stay and they were swaddled with the receiveing blankets--and with my son it was December.

    1. I wore a pair of sandals into the hospital and home. I packed the flip flops in anticipation of using them in the shower, but our facility was so nice I didn't feel like I needed them. Since I delivered in June and the temperature here is almost 100 degrees everyday - I didn't use the slippers or a robe. BUT had I delivered in Fall/Winter I would have used the slippers, robe and probably a blanket for me!

      Our hospital provided both the cloths you mentioned (they used them with a little bit of Johnson & Johnson's baby soap for baths) and the traditional baby wipes for diaper changing.

      I was expecting the kimono tee shirt or a onsie. Most other hospitals where friends have had babies have had these things and the baby was then swaddled in the hospital receiving blanket. Not ours! So I suggest bringing newborn clothes just in case :)

      Also everytime baby's cart was wheeled into our room - we cleaned it out and kept diapers, wipes, formula, etc. We even took the thermometer, booger aspirator thing, and the postpartum care supplies for me. On our departure day, they stocked it with a new pack of unopened diapers and formula. It was nice to have the extras to bring home!

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  4. I'm from Tuscaloosa also, and I delivered at Northport. I was APPALLED at the "shirt" they had on my baby underneath the swaddle, and I wasn't prepared at all to clothe him while we were there either. Now that I'm expecting #2 in the fall, I know what to expect. I also felt lost too, not knowing when to ask questions, who to ask, etc. I hated the feeling of being surrounded by so many medical professionals but still being on my own. Plus, I delivered a couple days before Christmas, and was in the hospital on Christmas day, so there were no lactation people, no birth certificate people, nobody.